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What is ATA and how does it relate to Spec 2000?
Do I have to join ATA to use the Spec 2000 ATA Aviation Marketplace?
Can I use Spec 2000 to place orders over the Internet?
How do I know if my confidential data is secure?
What is a CAGE Code, do I need one and how do I get it?

What is ATA and how does it relate to Spec 2000?
ATA is the Air Transport Association of America, d/b/a Airlines for America (A4A), the first and only trade organization for the major U.S. airlines. A4A performs a variety of services for its members, including promotion of the industry, and the safety, cost-effectiveness and technological advancement of its operations.

The ATA e-Business Program manages the Spec 2000 program on behalf of the worldwide aviation industry. The ATA e-Business Steering Group acts as Spec 2000's "Board of Directors" by setting policy and providing other strategic guidance. The technical aspects of Spec 2000 are established and maintained by the ATA Supply Chain Management Interest Group (SCMIG), consisting of representatives from the major airline, manufacturer, supplier and repair associations from around the world.

Do I have to join ATA, A4A, or the ATA e-Business Program to use the ATA Aviation Marketplace?
No. Although the Spec 2000 program is administered by the ATA e-Business Program, participation is open to airlines, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, brokers and repair agencies around the world.

Can I use the ATA Aviation Marketplace to place orders over the Internet?
Recognizing the flood of e-commerce exchanges and marketplaces that have emerged over the past several years, the ATA e-Business Program has decided not to pursue the development of order administration capabilities for the ATA Aviation Marketplace.

Today, the ATA Aviation Marketplace provides up-to-date pricing information for the e-procurement systems for 85 airlines worldwide. This information is used by the airlines to generate more than 4 million EDI orders (exchanged over ARINC/SITA) per year. The ATA Aviation Marketplace is used by:
  • Suppliers and repair agencies to list their price catalogs on a secure, on-line database system.
  • Airlines and other operators to list their surplus inventory on a global marketplace.
  • Airlines and other operators/customers to quickly and easily find critical information on sources for spare parts and repair services.

How do I know if my confidential data is secure?
The architects of Spec 2000 incorporated a set of security features to help protect the highly confidential information maintained in the ATA Aviation Marketplace databases. These features include:
  • "Viewing Rights" that specify that ONLY the customers designated by a supplier can have access to the supplier's data.
  • On-Line and Batch Access Codes to help ensure that only authorized users can access the system.
  • Sophisticated Internet security features, including: static IP address registration, data encryption, digital certificates, log-on/password protection.

What is a CAGE Code, do I need one and how do I get it?
A CAGE Code (Commercial and Government Entity) is a five-position alphanumeric code that identifies U.S. companies doing business with the U.S. government. The NSCM Code (NATO Supply Code for Manufacturers) is the corresponding code for non-U.S. companies. Spec 2000 has adopted the CAGE/NSCM codes as a standardized way to identify Spec 2000 users.

In Spec 2000, CAGE/NSCM Codes are used to identify Manufacturers, Suppliers and Repair Agencies. Both CAGE and NSCM codes are assigned by the Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC). There are no fees or charges to obtain a CAGE/NSCM Code. To obtain a CAGE/NSCM code, contact the authorized agency from your country.

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