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1. What is the recommended configuration for my computer, so that I can make the most of the ATA Aviation Marketplace?

Recommended System Configuration:
  • Processor Type: 500 MHz Pentium / Celeron / AMD or better
  • Memory Size: 256 MB RAM or higher
  • Video Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
  • Network or Modem Speed: Broadband connection or better
  • Operating System: Windows 2000 SP4 / XP
  • Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or Netscape 7 or higher
  • Browsers Not Supported: AOL / MSN
  • Available Disk Space: 100 MB Cache-space for web browser and 1 GB Swap space
  • Java: V1.3.1 or higher

2. Will I need special software?
Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition v1.3 (JRE)
This is necessary to run the Java applets. The system will automatically prompt you to download the JRE after you log in to the ATA Aviation Marketplace if the computer you're using to access the ATA Aviation Marketplace does not have Java 2 Runtime Environment Standard Edition v1.3 (JRE) installed.
  • Version 1.3 must be installed.
  • The English version of JRE is only compatible with English versions of the Windows operating system. For systems with non-English Windows, please install the International version of JRE.

3. Will I need to adjust any settings on my computer?
Probably not, but please check the following:
Allow "per-session" cookies
For Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Security tab, click Internet icon, click Default Level, and make sure the setting is on Medium or Custom. Medium security level allows per-session cookies. If you want to use Custom Level, then make sure you set the browser to allow per session cookies.
For Netscape, go to Edit, Preferences, click on Advanced, Cookies, and Enable all cookies.
Video Resolution
Set to 1024 x 768 or higher.

4. Will I need more than a username and password to log into the system?
In addition to a username and a password, all Users are validated by way of a strong authentication method. Strong authentication is an important facet to protecting your data and the integrity of the databases. There are two types of strong authentication methods: (1) static/fixed IP address checking, and (2) digital certificates. The IP address is obtained through your Internet service provider. Not all IPs are static. If your IP address is not static, then you will need to use a digital certificate as your method of strong authentication. There is a simple process to download the nominally-priced digital certificate to your computer.

5. What is an IP address?
A Web access IP address is the address used to identify your computer when you access the Internet. Most companies use one or a selected range of IP addresses to provide Internet access to their company users. This IP address, if static, can be used for your authentication to the system.

How can I find out what my IP Address is?
Your IT department, system administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be able to provide you with the answer. Another way to verify your Web access IP address is:
  • Go to the following URL: https://www.s2ksystem.com and do not attempt to log in.
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, go to View, and then click Source. If you are using Netscape, go to View, and then click Page Source. The first line of the response shall contain the IP address your computer used to get on the Internet.
What is a Static IP Address and how do I know if I have one?
A static IP address is one that is fixed and will not change. A static IP address used for Web access means that the IP address your computer uses will remain the same every time you access the Internet. Your IT department, system administrator or Internet Service Provider (ISP) should be able to advise whether the IP address is static.

Please note that some companies may use a range of static IP addresses to access the Internet. If the IP address used for Web access falls within this range, it is still considered Static.

6. What is a Digital Certificate?
A Digital Certificate is a digitally coded 'key' issued by a Certificate Authority for access to a secured Web site. The Digital Certificate for accessing the ATA Aviation Marketplace is a small file that is downloaded to your computer. Each Digital Certificate is matched to one user and is stored on the computer that downloaded the certificate. This means that only you can use the Digital Certificate that you downloaded and that you must to log in to the ATA Aviation Marketplace using the computer that holds the certificate.

How do I get a Digital Certificate, so that I can access the Spec 2000 ATA Aviation Marketplace?
If you already have a user account established, your company's Participant Administrator or the ATA e-Business Program will select the setting 'Digital Certificate' as your method of authentication. The next time you log in, you will be prompted to download the certificate to your computer. It's a very easy, fast and guided process. Be sure to download the certificate to the computer you will be using to access the ATA Aviation Marketplace. The system assigns only one certificate to a user, and you must login to the ATA Aviation Marketplace from the computer that holds the certificate.

7. I don't have a user account. How do I get a User Login and Password?
If your company has already joined the Spec 2000 ATA Aviation Marketplace, your company's Participant Administrator (PA) will be able to set up an account for you. The ATA e-Business Program is able to do this, as well.

8. What is a Participant Administrator?
Participant Administration provides the means by which a participating company may set up and then maintain their own account in the ATA Aviation Marketplace. This includes updating contact and billing information for the company, determining requirements for output files, and establishing and maintaining company users within that account. A Participant Administrator is someone from your company who maintains this account information.

9. Is Help available for the Spec 2000 ATA Aviation Marketplace?
There are two types of online help:
  • a link to an on-line help system with a table of contents, index and search capability
  • a Training Manual available for printing or downloading (Microsoft Word 97 document).
Help is also available from the Spec 2000 Help Desk.

10. How do I sign up for the Spec 2000 ATA Aviation Marketplace? A simple, user-friendly form will guide you through the process. Once you reach the end of the form, click the "Submit to ATA" button. It's that simple. Your form will then be processed by the ATA e-Business Program. To begin, click here.

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