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Procurement Database

The Procurement Database is used primarily by manufacturers and new-part distributors to list sales catalog information (part number, price, lead times, etc.) for new parts. A special feature allows listing suppliers to protect their sensitive pricing information from competitors. Airlines query the database by part number to select suppliers that have the best possible price and lead time to fit their schedule. A detailed description of the database and file formats can be found in Chapter 2 of the Spec 2000 Main Document.

Special Features
Viewing Rights procedures ensure that every supplier has the option to grant or deny access to new and existing customers. This secures the supplier's proprietary data from access by its competitors.

The Variable Pricing feature allows the supplier to provide customized pricing discounts to support contract prices and incentive prices for customers.

The Model of Applicability (MOA) feature allows airframe/engine manufacturers to modelize their data, so airlines can filter out unnecessary procurement data that is not applicable to their fleet.

Other features allow suppliers to list special discounts, price breaks, alternate supply locations, replacing part data and much more.

Procurement Database
Surplus Database (formerly known as AIRS)

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