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The purpose of Repair Order Administration is to provide standards for the most cost-effective exchange of information pertaining to aircraft parts repair, between customers and repair agencies. This is accomplished through the use of state-of-the-art technologies and standards that are generally accepted by the commercial aviation industry as the means for assuring optimum data exchange.

Spec 2000 includes enhanced serial number tracking and control to facilitate repair processing. It is also possible to specify different types of repair processes for the same part number, each with its own price and turnaround time.
  • Repair Quote: The customer may request that the repair agency provide quote information on a part number/repair process. The repair agency may generate an interim response that provides an acknowledgement of the quote request and a final quote response that provides the specific price and lead time for the repair part.
  • Repair Purchase Order Placement: The customer may place a repair purchase order and the repair agency must respond with an acknowledgement or rejection message.
  • Repair Purchase Order Exception: When the repair agency makes a change to the repair purchase order, it will transmit a Repair Order Exception to which the customer will respond with a Repair Order Exception Receipt Acknowledgement.
  • Repair Parts Shipped by Customer: The customer will provide the repair agency with notification that the part or parts to be repaired have been shipped.
  • Parts Received by Repair Agency: The repair agency will notify the customer that the part or parts have been received at the repair site. If the part or parts received do not reflect the repair purchase order, the repair agency may respond to the customer with a discrepancy notification. The customer will respond to the receipt of the message with an acknowledgement.
  • Inquiry Capability: The customer may place an inquiry message to the repair agency against one or more part numbers or purchase orders. The repair agency will respond with information pertaining to the item requested.
  • Repair Agency Shipment Advisory: The repair agency will transmit to the customer shipment advisory information upon shipment of the repaired parts to the customer.
  • Component Teardown Information: The repair agency will transmit to the aircraft operator concerning their findings during the teardown of a component that was sent for repair. The 'teardown report' transaction specifies all details of repairs performed on a part or component.
  • Invoicing: When the repair agency transmits to the customer an invoice upon shipment of the repaired part or parts to the customer, the customer should respond with an acknowledgement or rejection message. If the customer identifies a discrepancy in the invoice detail data, an invoice-exception message may be returned to the repair agency. The repair agency will acknowledge the receipt of the invoice exception message.
Spec 2000 is designed to enable computer-to-computer communication, by providing data definitions and transaction formats for message exchange. The primary transmission method in the aviation industry is over the SITA and ARINC networks, however, XML representations of Spec 2000 are available to support the transmission of messages over the Internet. The use of XML and the Internet as an alternative means for information exchange is a business decision between trading partners.

The benefits of using Spec 2000 Repair Order Administration are in the simplification and standardization of repair order transactions between the customer and the repair agency. The total benefits from using Repair Order Administration include:
  • Shortened turnaround times
  • Fewer errors
  • Reduced administrative time and costs
Getting Started
To implement a Spec 2000 Repair Order Administration system: Contact the network and software providers of your choice to learn about their capabilities, technical requirements, special features and prices.

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