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Spec 2000 Chapter 11, Reliability Data Collection/Exchange, is the specification to standardize reliability data collected by virtually all airlines, as well as airframe, engine and component manufacturers in the world today. This chapter provides a set of consistent record formats for collecting and exchanging aircraft reliability data.

Each day, companies collect and analyze thousands of pieces of vital information regarding aircraft components, operations and maintenance, in an effort to further improve reliability. The goal of these participants is to track reliability in globally understandable terms. The development and implementation of standard record formats, as contained in Chapter 11, enables the industry to collect, measure and exchange this information in a consistent format - ultimately improving efficiency and reducing both costs and errors. Industry standards on reliability information will provide a deeper understanding of in-service airplane and component performance and quickly identify problems so that root cause analyses can be performed and solutions devised. Other uses of in-service reliability data:
  • Assist operators and manufacturers to attain and maintain higher reliability through trend monitoring
  • Evaluate if certain problem areas are unique to an operator or observable throughout the industry
  • Monitor which modification has a better payback by comparing removal and failure rates of operators who have incorporated various service bulletins/modifications
  • Determine utilization rates through aircraft flight hours, flight lengths and number of landing cycles
  • Assist operators and manufacturers in determining the effectiveness of aircraft maintenance programs
Getting Started
To implement a Spec 2000 Reliability Data Collection/Exchange system: Contact the software providers of your choice, to learn about their capabilities, technical requirements, special features and prices.

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