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Airline Networks
Spec 2000 e-commerce formats are designed to take advantage of the low cost of airline telecommunication networks. ARINC and SITA are the two networks used for airline industry communications. Both ARINC, headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, and SITA, headquartered in Paris, France, provide worldwide network support. You must contract directly with the network vendors for their services. Joining the ATA Aviation Marketplace or purchasing commercial Spec 2000 software does not include network services.

The network vendor will provide information on costs, recommended hardware, installation lead times, and appropriate connection types. You will pay a one-time connection and software charge plus a monthly access charge, based on your message volume. The network vendor will provide you with the software you need to access the network. Because of the specialized protocols used by the networks (Airline X.25, or AX.25) you cannot use off-the-shelf communication software.

Unless you intend to process orders on a mainframe computer system using a dedicated connection, you will probably use a dial-up connection to the network you choose. Some types of connections may require installation by network technicians. Contact information for both networks is listed in Third Party Products/Services.

Internet Service Providers
More and more trading partners are taking advantage of the Internet to exchange Spec 2000 formatted data. New XML Representations of Spec 2000 transactions are particularly suited for the Internet.

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