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Spec 2000 appreciates your interest in the way in which we handle information that you provide us. This Privacy Policy describes Spec 2000's practices concerning the collection, use and dissemination of information that it receives.

Collection and Use of Information
Spec 2000 collects the following information from its customers:
  • Name of individual accessing the website or system
  • Name of business
  • Address of business
  • E-mail Address
  • Spec 2000 Capabilities
  • Phone and fax number
Spec 2000 uses this information to provide you with the Spec 2000 services that you subscribe to. We may use the information for publishing a public directory of Spec 2000 users and their Spec 2000 capabilities.

Spec 2000 requires users of its services to register. Registration information may be used to determine compliance with the conditions of using its site, including access limitations to the site.

Spec 2000 may ask for personally identifiable information to verify or facilitate the proper use of our services. Examples of personally identifiable information are names of individuals, their email addresses and their mailing addresses. This information is sometimes provided to third parties to enable them to inform those who access our web site of meetings and other commercial opportunities.

Transmission of Information Internationally
If you are customer located outside of the United States, the information that you provide us in conjunction with a transaction that you have initiated will be transmitted from the country in which you are located to the United States.

Data Security
Data security provisions are described in the participation agreement with Spec 2000.

Correction of Information
You can request changes to information that Spec 2000 has collected from you by sending an e-mail message to admin@ataebiz.org.

Other Sites
From time to time, Spec 2000 may create links to other sites that it considers useful to its subscribers. A subscriber using such a site should determine its privacy policy. Spec 2000 is not responsible for creating, evaluating or overseeing such a site's privacy policy.

Spec 2000 may use cookies for tracking purposes or to facilitate your use of this site.

How to Contact Us
Please email us at admin@ataebiz.org if you have questions, concerns or comments about our privacy policy.

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